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Unfortunately, CarAuctionPro is for the US only... If you're residing outside the US CarAuctionPro will not work.

Our trusted partner handles the verification of users on our site. You'll be onboarded first on their site, then you'll have to upload the front and back of a government issued id that is also processed by for authenticity. This is a crucial process for fraud detection.

By Email. has Full email notification system for all types of activities happening on the website. For Example:

  •  When posting a Car For Auctioning
  •  When bidding on a car
  •  When receiving a bid on your car
  •  When being outbid by another user
  •  As An Auctioneer when a user is outbids another on your item
  •  As a Bidder on an item, even if you have been outbid you will still receive notifications on that car item
  •  A BroadCast Message to all People who have bidded on an item, Exactly 6 Hours Before auction expiry
  •  When An Auction Expires All Users Who Bidded on an item will be notified, including the auctioneer
  •  When an auction expires, Contact info is exchanged between the highest bidder and the auctioneer including the winning bid
  •  If You have an Item On Your Watchlist, you'll get notified for all activity on that item

According to the “Privacy Policy” of Your personal information is not shared to any other 3rd party. It’s ONLY shared between the Auctioneer and the Winning Bidder so that the transaction can be completed.

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The Auctioneer posts a car item for auctioning with a start price & expiry date. Registered users can bid on the item. When the item expires, the highest bidder is the winning bidder. is a website where users can post their car items up for auctioning. Once the car is posted for auctioning, other users can bid on the car.  You can post any car up for auctioning, from minivans to supercars. If it is a car you can auction it here.